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Is there anyone on here who’s like...good at make up that can help me...Like one of those instagram models or something...

I was clumsy enough to give myself a black eye, and I need to hide it from my parents so they don’t freak out or get the wrong idea…

[A picture of Ayano follows, purple and black underline her left eye--thankfully not particularly swollen. Even so, whatever she smashed into must have smashed into her pretty hard. She wears a weak, sheepish smile on her face despite the heavy bruise. If it weren't there, this would be a perfectly good Facebook profile picture, in fact.]

It’s not that bad, right? Silly me...
Maybe I should just do the emo hair thing...?
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Ami Aihara added 3 photos to the album: ???.
9/19 near Viea Village

does anybody know what kind of animal this is? she followed me to the bus stop and i dont know what to do
i cant take her to school but i cant just leave her here...
(sorry for the blurriness she wont hold still)
((full size images: 1, 2, 3! also pretend all the green is gray, i forgot to change it))

(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:23 am
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This is probably a long shot, but...

If someone on the app suddenly forgets about the app, or just all the weird things going on ... is there a way to make them, er, re-remember again?

Thanks. I'm sorry if this's been asked before.


Sep. 18th, 2017 08:43 pm
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WHO: Sakura and John
WHERE: Sakura's Apartment, somewhere in Tisse
WHEN: 9/19
WHAT: Sakura's ceiling is raining, plz fix it handyman
WARNINGS: tbd but probably not much

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WHO: Kit Fawkes and YOU
WHERE: A nightclub in Tisse, and later Hollingberry Field in Viea Village.
WHEN: Sometime mid-September; time is a flexible illusion.
WHAT: Hallucinomemories are catching up with Fawkes, but you know what they say: pressure turns coal into diamonds.
WARNINGS: Prompt A includes dark themes, reactions to a traumatic hallucinomemory, and direct canon quotes from a killer with a taste for sadism. Both prompts have the potential for those themes to come up, but A puts them more directly front and center.

Healing doesn't seem to happen when you hide away the seed... )
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WHO: Mafuyu Kurosaki/open
WHERE: Recollé streets, your choice
WHEN: 9/19
WHAT: appearance/item regains

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[Closed] Stop. Pickpocketing time.

Sep. 18th, 2017 06:26 am
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WHO: Mabel and May
WHERE: Recolle Square
WHEN: Sunday the 17th
WHAT: Mabel is taking lessons from May for pickpocketing. For better or for worse.
WARNINGS: Nothing at the moment?

Will this go well? )

( catch-all )

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:16 pm
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WHO: prompto & others
WHERE: all over
WHEN: throughout the month
WHAT: a lot of things! gym, class, shooting pix and guns, ???, spooky kennys, etc
WARNINGS: will update as necessary

[OPEN] i feel guilty

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:05 pm
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WHO: zoro and YOU!!!
WHERE: beach, some abandoned warehouse dump whatever, possibly other places
WHEN: 9/17 - On
WHAT: zoro is like the only person who actually wants more memories back and will do pretty much anything for them + catchall
WARNINGS: i mean it's zoro so he'll probably get injured at some point

this whole log feels so self-indulgent )
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WHO: Carmen Sandiego and YOU!
WHERE: A street cafe in Tisse and later her Foundation building in Enprise!
WHEN: Sometime mid-September; time is a flexible illusion.
WHAT: Fun with Carmen's detective inclinations, Suspicious Deliveries™, and the slow-dawning realization that no rooftop is safe when you have a woman with a wrist-mounted grappling hook and a can-do attitude in the vicinity.
WARNINGS: None that I can immediately think of? I'll warn in individual threads if topics come up that would necessitate it!

You can't convict a guy based on where he puts his frickin' mustard... )

( closed ) team absinthe party

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:36 am
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WHERE: Catmosphere Cafe
WHEN: September 17th
WHAT: Team "I lost my finger" Absinthe unwinding with some kitties. We mingle, we pet cats, and we threadjack all we want.
WARNINGS: Also cat puns.

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[Closed] Welcome to Hell

Sep. 16th, 2017 11:40 pm
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WHO: Ayano & Malik
WHERE: Detention @ Recolle High
WHEN: 9/18
WHAT: One never does her homework, the other always cuts class! The fated meeting of juvenille disciplinary action finally arrives!
WARNINGS: Malik is here so

On 'visions'

Sep. 16th, 2017 02:36 pm
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Émilie Écarlate
16/17 near Recollé University
I don't usually share the visions, memories or whatever they are, yet here I am making an exception. Because this one just did not make any sense. Imagine, if you will, the successful launch of a wooden three stage 'rocket' with a surprising amount of living space. It's like some Kobold Space Program nonsense. I don't know where this other me was going but somehow I don't expect they got far. What were your strangest ones?

open whatever this is

Sep. 16th, 2017 05:42 am
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WHO: if you know dave or someone else who showed up you could have gotten an invite, or you could have gone on your own, so "whoever" is the answer here!
WHERE: apple orchards that exist in the apprassage district
WHEN: friday september 15th!
WHAT: apple picking and one or two other fall activities
WARNINGS: nothing it's fairly innocent

it's fall and so this )

VIDEO ✽ Sweet Buns

Sep. 15th, 2017 09:00 pm
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Orihime Inoue shared a video.
09/16 near Recolle University

[ The video begins with what is clearly the inside of one of the college dormitory kitchens. Orihime, wearing an apron that probably needs a few explanations, stands proudly in front of the small counter that currently has stacks and stacks of what appear to be some types of cookies and pastry buns. She gives the feed a happy wave. ]

Hello everyone! My name is Orihime and this is my friend and roommate Soliel.

[ Meanwhile, Soleil--in an apron as well--has taken advantage of the fact Orihime is distracted with the video by stuffing one of the cookies into her mouth. Unfortunately, she doesn’t expect Orihime to start with introductions (that seems awfully formal for showing off some pastries) and has to cover her mouth to hide her chewing. She waves to the video and doesn’t say much in an attempt to avoid Orihime realizing she has gotten into the goods before they have finished. ]


[ Orihime either doesn’t realize Soliel has already started assisting with demand by creating scarcity or she’s just okay with her roommate indulging, but either way she doesn’t mention it just yet. She’s just happy to have her on board with this project! ]

We’re both new to Retrsopec and all of, um, everything that’s been going on. It’s a lot to understand, but there was one thing that stuck out when Soliel mentioned it the other day.

[ This is when she looks to Soliel expectantly for her part of the story. ]

shenanigans and free food under cut )
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WHO: Aizawa and Zoro
WHERE: ON THE OCEAN PRESUMABLY probably on a rental boat or something
WHEN: 9/16ish
WHAT: Time to learn more about fishing, and maybe also other things?? There's a lot of possibilities here
WARNINGS: A depressingly small number of fish actually caught probably, the real fish are the friendships they're making along the way here ok

so assume there's cute fishing lyrics here or something idk )

(no subject)

Sep. 15th, 2017 07:38 pm
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Tatsuo Kihara shared a video.
09/15 near Tisse

Got some wheels.

[ooc: 1) pretend it's not almost 20 minutes long. 5 minutes at max. 2) mute the video and listen to this instead. 3) pretend it says things like 'Tisse' and 'Chata' rather than 'Nolita' and 'Central Park']
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WHO: Persona users + Mohammed
WHERE: Recollé Community Center
WHEN: September 16th at 7pm
WHAT: The second gathering of Persona users!
WARNINGS: None for now. The second prompt will have its own top level and headers to keep everyone's Persona discussions in one place, but otherwise feel free to make your own top levels for everything else!

the enemy you're fighting covers all society )
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WHO: Shiori + Haru; Shiori + Minako; OPEN
WHERE: Shiori's place; Farmer's Market; various locations
WHEN: Sometime after the beginning of the month Restrospect post; any given Saturday; All of September
WHAT: Testing out some food; Cousin hangout time; various things
WARNINGS: None atm

But not all of them are in books )


Sep. 14th, 2017 11:26 pm
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WHO: Derek Matthews and Ritsu Kageyama
WHERE: Munch and Crunch
WHEN: Thursday, September 14, late afternoon
WHAT: Derek and Ritsu meet up to talk Retrsopec. Derek buys Ritsu ice cream
WARNINGS: none, it's ice cream

Ice cream is the way to get kids to like you )


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