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[OOC] Permissions Post

: As long as you keep replying, I'll most likely keep replying too.

Threadhopping: It's fine with me.

Fourthwalling: He has absolutely no problem with this.

Offensive subjects:
  • Gundam haters (which to him equal Macross lovers)
  • Probing/experiments/dissection directed at aliens (more specifically him)
  • Questioning his usefulness as a leader (He doesn't always get offended by this, it all depends on how humid it is when you bring up the subject. If it's not humid at all, he'll mostly just shrug and wave it off.)
  • Saying bad things about Fuyuki or his friends

Hugging this character: He's squishy, and doesn't mind being hugged.

Kissing this character: He'll most likely freeze from the shock.

Flirting with this character/Relationships: He's pretty dense when it comes to romance, so any kind of flirting will most likely fly right over his head. Also, Gundams are his One True Love.

Easiest way to get on his bad side: Badmouth Fuyuki, badmouth Gundams. He forgives and forgets really easily though, so it's difficult to stay on his bad side.

Easiest way to get on his good side: Give him Gundams, or money. Or just do something nice for him, he's easily pleased.

Can I hack his journal?: Sure! If you don't mind him crying and asking you "WHYYYY" till you apologize.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: Ask first, but really, who doesn't want a squishy alien-frog body? He's squishy!

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual, but mostly just Gundam-sexual.

Fighting with this character: I kind at fight logs, but if you really want to beat him up, that's fine. He's a bit of a berserker and gains strength and intelligence with high humidity levels. But since we're in a desert, that'll never happen.

Injuring this character: He's resilient to blunt attacks, because of his body make-up (squishy,  and with a body-fat percentage of 30%). But please ask beforehand!

Killing this character: I'd...have a hard time imagining him dead, so please don't.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character
: If you're really that curious, go ahead. It's kind of strange in there though.

Warnings: He's a terrible friend, and he'll mooch off of you and take advantage of you all while expecting you to be an awesome friend and not minding (or mooching off of him, because that's not what friends do!)
He goes berserk when the humidity levels rise to rainforest-levels. He's also a bit of an idiot, so if he says anything to offend you it was probably not intentional on his end.

Other Stuff: Somewhere deep down inside some part of him knows that he's a terrible friend, but it's not that hard for him to ignore this part.

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