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Well, it might be difficult in our current situation, but I'll try to help you what I can.

[Plus, he doesn't have any lectures until afternoon, so...]
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That should be a good idea.

[He then points to the left from where they are right now.]

I'll go this way. You'll go the other way, okay?
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[Well, since he has a great affinity with animals, he doubts he would have any problem taking care of President.]

I'll make a mental note of that. Good luck.

[He then heads off and start his search on Sato's niece and cat with his phone in hand in case he will have to contact him once more.]
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Then what's the big deal? I got my bag back.

That's what you wanted right?
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Silver likes the robots ones the most. They're pretty good.

[Shouto will enjoy most things if his friends share them.]

Captain Might has an old cartoon run. I grew up watching that. Falconeye is just comics right now.
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He does. Even if his favorite is Bat Knight.

Most cartoons are found online. Not legally, usually.

... I'd like that, but he's less popular than Captain Might and the other big heroes.
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He's gone very dark gray these recent years. Those aren't my favorite kinds of heroes.

Maybe they'll get licenced soon? But if they're older series, that makes it less likely...

I would settle on cameos at the least. Just to know Falconeye is part of that universe. [They made some awful decisions back when they were running out of money and then they'll regret them all later.

Oh well. That's business.]
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[Real people are people, with all these flaws and tendency toward revenge and such. Let him have a hero that believes in justice.

... Shouto would probably enjoy magical girl shows too.]

If that happens, I'd love to play Falconeye... I'd have to dye my hair blonde for that.
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[Shouto isn't that big of an actor yet. He's just managed to get a major recurring role this year. So he's not at all offended when Sato doesn't seem to recognize him.

It's nice this way anyway.]

I am. I'm still working on getting better and landing better jobs.