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NAME: Keroro
AGE: 500+ Earth years
CANON: Keroro Gunsou/Sergeant Frog

Keroro was born to an average household on the faraway planet of Keron (the 58th planet of the Gamma Planetary System, bright green and patterned with yellow stars, with a high humidity but otherwise very similar in look to a modern-day suburbian Japan). His mother is a full-time housewife while his father is a sergeant of the Keron Army and he grew up being allowed to do whatever he wanted (as long as his father was away at work) and knowing that one day he too would enter the military. Despite that, his childhood was a very normal one, spent playing, procrastinating on his schoolwork for as long as possible until he went to wheedle his friends into letting him copy theirs, and getting into trouble at every turn from "borrowing" dangerous military training modules to telling Dororo to ride at breakneck speed down a thin wire set over a steep drop. After successfully graduating, Keroro immediately entered the workforce and was assigned to a platoon of five other Keronians as its sergeant and leader, shipping out with them to the remote planet known as "Pekopon" for his first invasion.

Keronian propoganda has always styled Pekopon based on its media (especially anything that contained aliens), as such Keroro was terrified of the thought of being dragged away to the depths of a scientific facility and dissected. It was this exact fear that went through his head when he was caught mid-infiltration by a pair of Pekoponian siblings. Thankfully for him, one was an occult nerd. Hinata Fuyuki was delighted at the thought of an alien, infiltrating his house, being found in his room, with an alien device in its hands. Even now, after four feature films, after being turned briefly into a giant dragon, saving the world more times than he can count, Keroro still occasionally says that Fuyuki's curiosity and his delight in the aliens is "useful" but despite himself, he's learned to care for this little planet with all his heart and he would defend it at the drop of a hat. (And then make up an excuse for it afterwards so that the Keron Army doesn't court-martial him.)

Keron Episodes (Set when Keroro is still a kid): 162, 176, 198, 217, 218

Mothership Episodes (Set before the Keroro platoon lands on Earth): 260, 268, 277, 282B, 287B, 290B, 303

Episode 1: Keroro is discovered in the Hinata household and subsequently taken prisoner by Fuyuki and Natsumi Hinata. In the second half of the episode, the Hinata family's mother returns and officially welcomes Keroro to the family (since the mothership leaves without him). Keroro gets his own room in the basement.

Episode 2: Candy-eating, beam-shooting, multiple-personality-having Tamama dares to finally show his face despite his leader being under a despot (Natsumi)'s thumb this entire time. His scary new owner also shows up and Keroro is green with envy over the fact that he wasn't adopted by a super rich owner.

Episode 4: Giroro fills the entirety of the Hinata household with traps and takes Keroro prisoner, telling him that he was too complacent. Natsumi disables all the traps with ease and defeats Giroro, gains a secret admirer. Keroro finally learns that the reason he's been so lazy is because of Earth's low relative humidity.

Episode 7: It's 2004 and Keroro's honorary niece Mois appears five years too late to make Nostradamus's prophecy come true and immediately starts trying to bring about the Apocalypse. He's finally persuaded to stop her because he can't imagine a life without Bandai and Gundam. Also he's still on the planet.

Episode 8: Keroro builds a secret base underneath the Hinata house.

Episode 9: Keroro's platoon seeks out and unfortunately finds their fourth member: Kururu. Keroro gains a regular supply of questionable techology for world invasion.

Episode 10: Keroro has a cavity which is caused by microscopic space aliens known as Karies. A war ensues in his mouth.

Episode 13: It takes them this long to remember that they have a fifth member and that he's been gone this entire time. This is also the episode that first introduces Keroro as a child. A terrible, awful child that gets into a ridiculous amount of mischief, putting his friends through hell and back.

Episode 21: The Keroro Platoon learns of the existence of the Hinata household's grandmother and refers to her from then on as the Admiral.

Episode 51: Under the threat of death, Keroro tries his best to finish reading the Pekoponian Invasion Manual and complete at least one invasion. Unfortunately, he fails and so he has to remove all traces of him being on the planet.

It ends up that the entire platoon only needed to go back to Keron for a health check-up. Despite everyone's memories being removed, Fuyuki still remembers Keroro and so Kururu restores all the memories using a back-up and things go on at about the same way as before.

Episode 100: Keroro is captured by the Garuru Platoon and forcibly reset to a younger age. He shows extensive ruthlessness and cunning and nearly succeeds in taking down the entirety of Pekopon.

Episode 103: Keroro is saved through the power of friendship and regains his true form. Using his own five-person platoon, he successfully convinces the much higher-ranked Garuru platoon to leave Pekopon to them.

Other continuing episodes

First Movie: The first feature length film, in which Keroro saves the world from an ancient Keronian superweapon known as Kiruru which gives those that have been in contact with it an X mark that will allow them to read each other's thoughts. The weapon amplifies conflict, pain and worries until those who have been infected can think of nothing else and withdraw from society. However, the good memories that the Keroro platoon share with Pekoponians is able to successfully erase the infection and they're able to destroy Kiruru using the key that the ancient Keron Army had planted because there's no point in making a weapon that can't be defeated.

Second Movie: Natsumi is kidnapped to the sea to be the pride of an alien prince and the Keroro platoon goes to save her. This is more of a Natsumi and Giroro movie, with Keroro included because he's the titular character. And also because someone has to come up with Amazing Plans and no one else seems to be volunteering.

Third Movie: Keroro is accidentally scanned by the third iteration of the Kiruru weapon which creates an evil clone of him that is intended to become the ruler of the Earth. Within 2 minutes, he successfully takes over Earth. But unlike the real Keroro, Dark-Keroro as he's called, has no true allies or friends and being only a few days old, he is unable to understand why the Keroro platoon won't give up even after they're soundly defeated by his Dark-Keroro platoon, even after he attaches devices to them that makes them unable to see each other, or to hear each other, how they're able to work together despite not having anything to physically bind them to each other. The Keroro Platoon ends up successfully beating the Dark-Keroro Platoon using their bond and by working together. Dark-Keroro survives the encounter despite helping them destroy Kiruru which should also have destroyed him. He dies as a ruler, but lives on as a friend. Keroro sends him off on a journey of self discovery to allow him to meet everyone he can, to form as many friendships as he can.

Fourth Movie: Momoka's friend Shion has a dragon egg, another ancient alien weapon out to destroy Earth. It binds Keroro and the Platoon to him as dragons unable to think on their own. It's only through his bond with Fuyuki that Keroro is able to regain his senses. A huge aerial dragon-battle ensues. In the end, the alien dragon is defeated and instead of being born as a giant, world-choking dragon, it's born as a small creature that immediately befriends Shion.

Fifth Movie: An evil creature attempts to destroy the world and absorbs the powers of the entire Keroro platoon. Keroro dies trying to save his friends and is reincarnated as a god.

All Episodes

CANON PERSONALITY: For such a small thing (all 55.5 centimeters, 5.555 kilgorams of him), you'd think he'd be the typical cute and helpful mascot character. Or bar that, a charismatic leader that gets shafted in character rankings because he isn't as cool as the second-in-command with a tragic backstory. But as if to make up for his dimunitive size, Keroro brings a giant ego and a larger-than-life personality with him.

He can seem heroic, fearless, and self-sacrificing when the opportunities present themselves (and when there's absolutely no chance of him actually being sacrificed in the name of being cool) but the heart of the matter is that Keroro is selfish, shameless, childish, hypocritical and lazy. The only reason he is heroic, is usually to show off, and when he's fearless it's often because there is a back-up plan in place. He can, however, be self-sacrificing on occasion, although he's often extremely unwilling and would much rather just run away, thanks all the same. Being a bit of a coward (especially in the face of dogs, human scientists, or dogs that are secretly human scientists), Keroro has no qualms about shoving his subordinates in front of him or putting the blame on others when put in a sticky situation, especially when one of his schemes has failed and someone needs to answer for it (however as he's usually the one coming up with the ideas, he gets punished regardless, especially as he's "cried wolf" so many times that people come to expect him to be the one behind everything.)

Despite how often he fails, Keroro remains cheerfully optimistic and determined. In fact, if it's a plan he came up with it must automatically be foolproof no matter what anyone says (And anyone trying to tell him different is just being insubordinate and should therefore be court-martialled.) He's the titular character, after all. If he's going to save someone, no matter how high the odds, he'll definitely triumph in the end. If there's one last slice of cake with "DO NOT EAT, PROPERTY OF SOMEONE ELSE" written on the plate, he'll still eat it because no one will notice, right? Especially not if he washes the plate and puts it inside Giroro's tent. Most often, this is not the case, although his plans occasionally work in inexplicable ways that usually lead to punishment and extra chores. But he never learns, because he is eternally, cheerfully, and possibly dangerously optimistic. The next plan will work, for sure. There's never been a main character who's given up and he's not about to be the first.

Living in his own fantasy world, it's no wonder that Keroro has some difficulty with what passes as normality, and it makes perfect sense for him to come up with plans that are rather more complex than they have to be simply because he gets an Idea and it won't leave him until its implemented. (Like making a ray gun that caused everyone to stub their toe on hard edges and to almost successfully bring the world to its knees. Too bad he forgot to take into account the issue of shoes.) And the problem is that his plans usually are fairly brilliant to begin with, even if they are also a bit odd. It's just that he can't stop at just being brilliant, instead having to take a step past that, and then another and another and before he knows it he's running full tilt at a wall. If a little of something is a good idea, a lot of something is the best idea and more often than not, it's this belief of his that ruins all his plans.

The only two things that Keroro holds dear in this whole world, are Gundam models and his friends. He would kill for his Gundam models, and if given the choice between doing the right thing and Gundam models....he has actually sat down in the middle of a climactic battle so he can have a good think over his priorities (Like "does he really need to save Earth that badly"?) Keroro doesn't have a general definition for a friend, sometimes they are people he grew up playing with like Dororo and Giroro, and sometimes they're people who opened their hearts to him and gave him their trust like Fuyuki. However, the way he treats his friends is not always how most people would treat their friends. He regularly put Dororo through hell and back with the threat of breaking off their friendship when they were small children, and he has betrayed Fuyuki's trust more than once (although Fuyuki never figured any of it out, so to Keroro it's like he never did any of those things at all). He can really hold childish grudges, but forgives his friends and even his enemies very quickly (as evidenced by the fact that he only collects allies as his anime goes on.). He never ceases to be surprised when they don't return the favor. He has a strange double standard when it comes to relationships and to people's behaviour: he can't abide it when people betray him or do something that isn't morally correct, but he has no qualms when he's the one doing the betraying or making the morally dubious decisions. It's not like Keroro goes out of his way to be bad and do mean things, it's just that he often doesn't take any time to think over the consequences of his actions choosing instead to "live in the moment". When presented with an immediate threat to his life versus what will most likely be a painful future, he'll always chooses the more immediate one because the future is the future and it's not pointing a gun at his head right at the present moment. Keroro truly believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way he is and one day everyone will accept that fact and stop nagging him all the time. Like all Keronians, he also has a soft spot for underdogs (shown by the fact that Keronians never build a civilization-ending weapon that doesn't have an off switch that you can get to with hard work), and while he has had more than one opportunity to take over Earth, he's never done so and he even protects it against other aliens and even his own planet on occasion.

His team occasionally refer to, "The Keroro from BACK THEN", when Keroro lived back on Planet Keron. Planet Keron has a higher humidity in relation to most parts of Earth (unless it's raining) and humidity can make normal Keronians drunk. Keroro is naturally more receptive to moisture than even normal Keronians and was known as something of a berserker in battle and a very effective squad leader. Which is hard to imagine when seeing him in other places where the lack of moisture and proper humidity levels make him lethargic and lazy. Occasionally, this berserker state can surface when the humidity is very high or he's been taunted till he snaps. His personality suddenly becomes assertive and he will most likely start laughing insanely in the face of death. To date, he can only be stopped by a humidity-loving vampirical creature named Nyororon or by Fuyuki who becomes someone even scarier than Keroro when he snaps.

EYEBEAMS: the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes (apparently this is a skill that all aliens have)

BUILDING MODEL KITS: Keroro is very skilled at this, with an exhaustive knowledge on base coats, top coats, putting on water slide decals, stickers, weathering and other know-how that only other Gunpla enthusiasts would care about. He has also been shown to build car, castle and boat models as well as dioramas for his Gundam kits.

PILOTING: Keroro has been shown to be capable of piloting a suitably-sized Gundam RX78-2 as well as drive a small motorcycle.

CLEANING: A bit of a cleaning fiend, Keroro takes a lot of pride in a sparklingly clean space, sometimes at the expense of his invasion of Earth.

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Keronians naturally have a very high body fat content, with squishy bodies and elastic skin, which means that Keroro can take a lot of blunt attacks without sustaining any lasting damage. Keronian teeth also grow back many times during the course of their lives. While usually lazy and lethargic because of Earth's lower relative humidity to his native planet of Keron, Keroro is capable of intense concentration and very quick reflexes if the humidity rises past a certain point (usually during rainy seasons in tropical places). The side effect is that he gets drunk on the humidity and loses all control of himself. The only way to knock him out of this is by forcibly removing most of the moisture from his body.

AU NAME: Sato Yuki
AU AGE: 25
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Sato, unlike Keroro, is fully human. He stands at the very average height of 5'7", weighing the very average weight of 149 lbs. He has dark hair and dark eyes and is, all-in-all, very average-looking.


  • He was born in a suburban neighborhood in Tokyo to the average, middle-class Sato family and has a housewife mother and an office-worker father but no surviving grandparents as far as he's aware.

  • The only son, Sato has always been rather spoiled, especially by his mother. His father, on the other hand, was always the aloof, larger-than-life figure and Sato both respects and fears disappointing him in turns.

  • He was a tiny terror through his elementary school days, and had a group of close friends that he probably put through hell and back. Somehow they haven't abandoned him.

  • At one point in his childhood, a cartoon about a space sergeant was incredibly popular and he went around mimicking the characters and calling everyone "soldier" and assigning them ranks. He occasionally slips back into this even as an adult.

  • His dream as a child was always to be a superhero, but unfortunately that didn't lend itself well to real life and so he settled with office worker, just like his father before him. But if anyone offered him a chance, even now, he'd definitely drop everything to become a superhero.

  • He coasted by somewhere in the middle of his class, not the best, but certainly not the worst despite how often he left his homework to the last minute, and sailed on from each level of schooling until he entered a vocational college to learn marketing.

  • He had always loved building small models even as a kid and that love sustained him all the way through from elementary school to his recent transfer from the Japanese branch of his company to the newly opened RecollĂ© branch. Expensive shipping hurts his wallet so he tries his best to wheedle his mother into mailing him model kits.

  • Regularly sends money and souvenirs home to his parents, though he still forgets to call sometimes.

  • Sato chooses marketing as his major of choice late in high school after a teacher (nursing a pounding headache) tells him that it's a possibility. Especially after the teacher had been witness to how Sato's Leadership and Flair for Showmanship had ended with their class's maid cafe becoming a big, profitable sensation, the money going to, of all things: a frog sanctuary because Sato had read about them and sympathized with their cause. Some of his classmates never forgave him for this (and for owing them money, and for forgetting their names). He'd never thought of marketing as a possibility (and indeed, one of his top choices when he was given a form to fill out was "become a super hero"), but a school for super heroes failed to materialize and so he went with the next best thing. Besides, it makes money and even he knows that money is what helps him to keep up a regular supply of new model kits.

  • Sato plays pretend (in his own head) because the world always seems like it's missing a little bit of a spark. School was routine, life was routine, even his commute was a bit of a routine and the thought of mermaids living under the sea (hiding with a megalodon maybe), aliens, hoverboards, hats that could make you invisible is just as good as zoning out while waiting for the next predictable thing to happen.

  • Besides, he can play at aloof just as well as any businessman he'd seen on TV, using long, occasionally made-up words and brandishing business cards and talking about profit margins and churn rate just as well as he can play DDR, carve cliffs out of styrofoam for a small castle diorama and rattle off the entirety of the Jugemu story in one sitting.

  • His first model was a small plastic car with a motor that was built to race over a long, looping plastic track. He loved that car more than anything and still has it now with its lovingly (but crookedly) placed lightning stickers and dead engine that he had once modded so he could finally take first place in a small tournament the neighbourhood kids were holding. It gently, quietly went poof, emitting a smell of burning plastic after it rattled on through and won him the tournament and had never been able to run since.

  • But the appeal to him with model kits is the tiny parts which don't seem immediately connected until you put it all together and sand it and finish it, making a product that is entirely his and absolutely beautiful.

  • That and it really helps him kill four to six hours of "spare" time. (I.E. Time he was supposed to be spending on work.)

  • Nowadays he's still in contact with many of his friends from childhood (except the ones whose names he has forgotten), and still makes plans to meet up when they're in the same area or if he's able to get the time off to go back home.

First of all, Sato never went through the military training that is required of all Keronians from a tender age, nor is his father a high-ranking official. As such, he doesn't harbor any grand delusions of making it to admiral and taking over Earth. He's very happy with where he is, even without promotions, just as long as the money keeps rolling in and helps him buy video games and model kits. The lack of Keronian propoganda also means that he doesn't view Earth and its inhabitants with any wary suspicion (especially when he's so obviously a human being).

Instead, his imagination and inventive nature are put entirely into harmless pursuits like work and making people want to buy products with catchy slogans, as well as into building complicated dioramas for him to take pictures of and send in to model-building magazines. He does still let himself delve into strange delusions sometimes, but they're more idle thoughts about what it would be like to jet through the sky on a flying motorcycle or what it would be like if your food wanted to eat you. He doesn't do anything about it, of course, because dreams like those are as unrealistic as they are crazy. He lives his life complacently, and is content if nothing else.

Being a human has only affected his personality in that he's no longer as afraid of scientists dissecting him. As a Keronian, growing up in a society full of other Keronians, he's always thought of himself as completely, absolutely normal. It helps that Keronian culture is very similar to the culture he grows up in as Sato. Except modern-day Japan is much less cut-throat, so Keroro never builds any crazy machines or puts people through insane training by telling them that anything which doesn't kill them will make them stronger. Even while on Earth, Keroro never thought of himself as abnormal, only slightly shorter than the norm and that was easily fixed by jumping and pushing chairs over to counters to reach things.

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