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[ooc] inbox

Sato Yuki
Hi, this is Yuki, leave a message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!
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[There's an image being sent. It is of a black cat with a bob tail...and a blue wizard hat. There are sparkles that have been photoshopped in.

On it are the words:]


[And hopefully it is something she can actually do for you...]
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that's all? Are you sure?
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I'm okay! You're the one who's always working, uncle! I'm on break for another month, it makes sense for me to do more now since I'm not even in school right now, right?
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but I really want to help you out. You're always so nice to me and you even bought me a new bed.

[She just wants to be useful.]
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[He could have given her a futon. That's what most of them did. Or give her a guest room. She's never had her own bed or her own room before.

We're family. It's so nice to read those words to know it's not in the context of I'm only taking you in because we're family knowing that he didn't mean it as if she were a burden.]

I'm sorry. [Thank you.] I really like living with you, uncle. I'm glad we're family.
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it's very nice. I hope we can continue to live like this for a long time!
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[She loves her mother, but the idea of leaving her uncle hadn;t occurred to her. If someone were to ask her, she'd prefer the future to involve having her mother and her uncle in her life.]

I don't need a nameplate. This is enough for me.

[Knowing that she's welcome...that this is can be her home. She doesn't want that to ever change.]

everything is just perfect the way it is.
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[A cup? Her very own cup?]

Can we go this weekend?
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Thank you!

[She's going to work extra hard on dinner! And clean everything!]
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I haven't really gone shopping much. But maybe we can go look for one together?

[Is she asking for too much? Is she?]
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Maybe we can go on the weekend?

[Best uncle.

She's going to make him a nice dinner tonight! Try to pick something he likes.]
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that sounds wonderful.

Thank you, uncle.