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Character Relations [IN-GAME]

Giroro (Keroro Gunsou

Weapon; Red daruma who also serves as comic relief, bait and Angry Wall of Meat. They are childhood friends, and Keroro knows this guy will always have his back. This doesn't excuse the terribad poetry though, Giroro-kun.

Eve (Black Cat)

Meister; Keroro's friend, Partner, room-mate, as well as the co-owner of Metokkori R, Hikan Cafe and The Kero Cube. She saved him once and he has never forgotten it. She's picking up some alarming (and profiteering) habits from him though. He isn't sure if he's proud of her, or ashamed because he's being a terrible parent-figure.

Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)

Meister; Someone to avoid, mostly out of guilt for that one time he accidentally stepped on his cake. (Although Keroro thinks they should be even now because he made it up to him in the form of more cake.) Edgeworth is one of the first people Keroro met on arriving at Death City, and was the one to point out that no one is going to eat/kill/experiment on/dissect him. Keroro holds him true to this promise.

Bakura Ryou (Yu-gi-oh)

Weapon; The ex-owner of Hikan Tea Shop and someone Keroro considers to be his friend and game-buddy. Keroro worries that he is a bit too easy-going at times.

Yami Bakura (Yu-gi-oh)

Meister; The evil spirit haunting Bakura. Keroro first met him at Morning Training, at which Yami Bakura alternated between pretending to be the non-evil Bakura and himself. Keroro and Giroro are currently in the process of rigging Bakura's apartment with traps that will either capture or exorcise him.

Maito Gai

Weapon; Keroro's Zone Leader, doesn't believe Keroro's stories of how he used to torture train Zeroro. Keroro finds him difficult to talk to and it seems like all their conversations eventually end up with them going "Did too! Did not!" at each other.



Clover (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)

Meister; A girl Keroro met over the network. Seems nice enough. (Is living proof that Keroro is terrible at reading sarcasm.)

Arisato Minato (Persona 3)

Meister; Keroro is grateful to him for the free chips, but would be even more grateful if he just stayed away from Eve. Forever.

Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4)

Meister; A lot nicer than he looks.

L Lawliet (Death Note)

Weapon; Weird guy that Keroro has talked to multiple times over the Network but has never met in person. In fact, he doesn't even know this guy's name. Keroro always gets the feeling that L is making fun of him though.

Fabiola Iglesias


Duo Maxwell


Amaterasu (Okami)

Meister; A DOG wolf. Keroro is kind of afraid of her, but is slowly working towards not flinching whenever she comes near him.

Saya Takagi (High School of the Dead)

Weapon; An employee of Metokkori R. Keroro isn't sure why she's always so disapproving of nearly everything he does. It's not like he gets on her case for reading manga while on the job (even though he really should.)

Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)

Meister; She makes the Cthulhu plushies that Keroro sells at Metokkori R.

Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist)

Weapon; The manager of the Hikan Cafe.

Yamazaki Sugaru (Gintama)

Weapon; A waiter at the Hikan Cafe. Keroro doesn't have high hopes for Yamazaki's success and is waiting for him to slip up and prove him right.

Junpei (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)

Meister; A waiter at the Hikan Cafe. Seems like he would be useful, which is why Keroro put him in the same shift as Yamazaki.

Yugo (Wakfu)

Meister; A really cheerful, good kid and someone Keroro is happy to call a friend. Works as a chef at the Hikan Cafe.

Tsurugi Yuuichi (Inazuma Eleven)

Weapon; The second chef at the Hikan Cafe. Makes adorable onigiri.

Yumi Azusa

Death Scythe; Keroro quite likes Azusa because she is one of the few people that seriously listens to what he has to say (and then tells him that he is completely wrong).


Cat;Met her when he was under the influence of black blood (therefore kind of out of his mind...) He can't remember her, but he is left with a nagging sense that he's going to be attacked by a cat one of these days.

Death the Kid

Meister; One of the bosses of Death City. Doesn't stop Keroro from thinking he's crazy though.

Franken Stein

Meister; Every single one of Keroro's nightmares made into reality.

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